Animal Lovers Unite! Dogs Help Your Pup Fight The Heat With A Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Pop

Help Your Pup Fight The Heat With A Healthy Homemade Ice Cream PopHelp Your Pup Fight The Heat With A Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Pop

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dog ice cream

dog ice cream

Fur parents are coming up with creative ways to keep their dogs cool throughout the summer. With TikTok being one of the most popular sources of food trends and DIY tricks these days, it’s no wonder this dog-friendly TikTok recipe is making the rounds!

Though many recipes are made with humans in mind, this TikTok user found a way to join their dog into the fun. By using a few tasty dog-approved items, he created a delicious and healthy ice cream snack for the canine companions in our lives.

dog ice creamdog ice creamChefsandDogs/Tiktok

You will only need 3 ingredients to create this healthy ice cream dog pop, as well as a silicon tray for easy measuring and freezer storage.

1 cup of natural Greek yogurt
1/3 of a cup of bone broth
About a handful of beef treats

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, let’s get into the recipe!

The TikTok begins with the user pouring 1 cup of Greek yogurt into a medium-sized bowl. He then adds 1/3 of a cup of bone broth, along with a handful of his dog’s favorite beef treats. Once all the ingredients have been poured into the bowl, he then begins to lightly fold the ingredients together using a spoon.

Once you have mixed the pupsicle ingredients, you can then pour the mixture into a silicone tray for easy portion control and storage. The fur parent in the video uses dehydrated salmon spine as a handle for the ice cream, but you can choose any edible and dog-friendly handle of your choice! Now that your pupsicle prep is complete, you can throw them into the freezer for 2-4 hours before serving.


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It’s clear that the lucky pup in the video loved his doggie ice cream pop, what do others have to say about this unique canine dessert? Well, if you scroll the comments, you will find plenty of happy canine taste testers!

“Thank you for the idea! I added peanut butter to mine and my dogs went crazy!”


“My dog is currently waiting by the freezer for his to be ready!”

Once your dog has tried their homemade ice cream pops, you can scroll through the @chefsanddogs TikTok account to get even more tasty ideas to offer your canine BFF. Chefs & Dogs is dedicated to showing pet parents the finer side of dog cuisine, and wants to help you spoil your fur baby as much as possible!

Image Source: ChefsandDogs/Tiktok

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