Dog Digs Up Woolly Mammoth Tooth Right In His BackyardDog Digs Up Woolly Mammoth Tooth Right In His Backyard

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Kirk Lacewell from Whidbey Island, WA wasn&#8217t surprised when his 8-month-old pup named Scout began digging within the yard. It&#8217s typical behavior to have an energetic yellow lab, what wasn&#8217t typical was what Scout dug up. Inside a shallow hole outside, Scout brought out what appeared as if a rock. He began transporting it around like a prized possession, which&#8217s when Lacewell recognized things weren&#8217t just as they appeared.

Nothing you’ve seen prior thinking about such things as rocks or sticks, Scout appeared excessively connected to the mystery item he pulled from the ground. After 2 days of watching Scout take with you his treasure, Lacewell made the decision to take particular notice. He initially think it is simply a oddly formed rock, or simply a bit of scared wood. Because he washed away layers of dirt, dirt, and dog slobber, however, he observed something strange. Area of the mystery object appeared as if bone, there would be a worn covering that looked nothing beats any wood or rock he’d seen before. In some way Scout understood he’d found something.

Wanting solutions, Lacewell required images of his dog&#8217s new chew toy and sent these to scientists in the College of Washington&#8217s Burke Museum. As he heard back, all of the paleontologists were in complete agreement. They told him Scout discovered a part of a woolly mammoth tooth they feel to be with 13,000 years of age. Woolly mammoths accustomed to call that section of Washington home throughout the Ice Age, and apparently, they resided in Lacewell&#8217s backyard.

Scout&#8217s discovery isn&#8217t the very first mammoth tooth or bone found on Whidby Island. The 22,000-pound mammals was 13 ft high and survived off mostly grass. Their teeth were formed for ripping and grinding their food, and scientists have discovered mammoth teeth are usually probably the most preserved areas of the creatures found today. The specimen Scout found hidden within the yard shows the outer enamel from the tooth worn in areas to reveal the layers underneath.

Since it&#8217s from Scout&#8217s mouth, Lacewell intends to keep his dog’s buried treasure. He&#8217s maintaining your mammoth tooth from Scout&#8217s achieve, but he still provides the dog credit for locating a remarkable bit of history. Each time he checks his backyard, he is able to imagine what it really appeared as if all individuals years back. You never know what Scout will find out next.

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