Thanks to YOU Nashville Humane Association Gets a Huge Face LiftThanks to YOU Nashville Humane Association Gets a Huge Face Lift

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Every purchase you make on the iHeartDogs store helps feed and house shelter dogs in need. Thanks to you, the Nashville Humane Association received some serious improvements to their facility.

Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild

How Your Purchases Helped

Here’s a little breakdown of how your purchases get translated into upgrades for this animal shelters. iHeartDogs is partnered with Greater Good. A portion of your purchases goes to Greater Good to, well, do more good! Greater Good has an organization within it called Rescue Rebuild.

Rescue Rebuild is a volunteer program of that recruits volunteers from all over the country to help animal shelters in need. They travel to selected shelters and spend one to two weeks working to complete general repairs and renovations.

Nashville Humane Association was a selected shelter to receive repairs and renovations. Rescue Rebuild recruited about 60 volunteers to come work at the shelter for the week. The number of people on hand allowed Rescue Rebuild to tackle quite a few projects for the Nashville Humane Association.

Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild

Make the Interior Pop

The Nashville Humane Association needed a paint job on the interior. Rescue Rebuild and their team of volunteers put many a paint brush and roller to work! Nashville Humane Association has different adoption rooms for different types of dogs based on size and temperament. Large breed active dogs can congregate in one room while sleepy seniors can chill out in another.

One of these areas is called the Real Life Rooms. They are set up like more typical household rooms for dogs that don’t do well in kennels. These rooms are highly visible to the incoming adopters so they are also used for dogs that have been at the shelter for a while who could use some added exposure.

Volunteers prepped and painted all of the trim and doors to these rooms and wow, what a difference! The colors really pop! Now the moment potential adopters walk in the door, their eyes will be drawn to that space and all the pups looking through the window at them, ready to go to their forever home. 

Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild

Improving the Outdoor Space

The shelter already had one outdoor kennel space so that dogs can get some fresh air during the day. There was plenty of space for another one, though. The Rescue Rebuild team poured a large concrete pad and once it was dry, put in a large kennel.

Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild

An already established play yard was spacious and fun but there was a problem. The existing fence was low to the ground so larger dogs were easily leaping right over it and running around on the property. Due to this safety concern, the yard was only being used for smaller dogs off leash and larger dogs on leash. This had to change! The team torn down the picket fence and replaced it with a chain link fence. Now all the dogs get to have their outdoor time doing what they love to do best-run free!

Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild


Image Courtesy Rescue Rebuild

Thank YOU for your continued contributions to Greater Good and Rescue Rebuild through your purchases at iHeartDogs. With your help, more ‘good’ is going to shelters in need.

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