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No One Expected This Kitten to Survive But Shelter Volunteer Gave Him a Fighting Chance

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A tiny singleton was brought to a shelter in poor shape. No one knew if he would survive, but a woman gave him a fighting chance. @a_cat_named_squirt Metro Animal Care and Control (MACC) in Nashville, Tennessee received a little 5-day-old kitten who was brought in alone. He was struggling without a mom, and his prospects […]

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Rescued Cat and Her Newborn Kittens Find Safe Home Right Before New Year’s Eve

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A cat mother and her kittens were pulled from the shelter just in time so they could have a safe home to ring in the New Year. Kymmi @lv_fosterkittens Molly the cat was brought into a shelter in Las Vegas after she was found as a stray. On December 29, she went into labor and […]

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Woman Hears Blind Kitten Meowing to Her at Shelter and Can’t Leave Him There

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A blind kitten caught the attention of a woman when she heard his scream at the shelter. She couldn’t leave him there. Tara Kay and Melvin the blind kittenThe Odd Cat Sanctuary Katie Buckman, a kitten rescuer based in Sanford, North Carolina, went to a local shelter to pick up a couple of kittens when […]

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Couple Started Volunteering at Shelter but Found Kitten Waiting for Them

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A couple started volunteering at their local animal shelter, but little did they know a tiny ball of fluff would make his way into their hearts. Charlie the kitten at Charleston Animal Society@charlestoncharlie1016 Charlie the kitten was brought to Charleston Animal Society (in South Caroline) as a stray. He was fostered by a family until […]

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