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Boy Caught Paying The Sweetest Visit To Neighbor’s ‘Misunderstood’ Cat

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This is Ace — an incredibly sweet cat who’s special both inside and out. Credit: Norma Maikovich Shortly after being rescued as a stray kitten, Ace lost one of his eyes due to an infection. Though that fact has never slowed him down or diminished his zest for life, Ace’s outward appearance has made him […]

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Man Sees Creepy Doll Head On Beach — Then Notices It’s Moving

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Earlier this month, Joseph Cronk was out for stroll at a beach on Wake Island, a remote atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, with plans to take in the majestic sunset that evening. But what he found instead was surprising, concerning — and more than a little creepy. There, lying in the sand in […]

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