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Stray Kitten Runs Across Road, Crawls Up onto Officer’s Shoulder and Won’t Let Go

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A tiny stray kitten ran out from an interaction, crawled up onto an Officer and wouldn’t let go. Jennifer Dotson Last Wednesday, Officer Jennifer Dotson from Gaffney Police Department (in South Carolina) was directing traffic at the scene of a devastating car collision when she heard a kitten meowing. “A tiny voice cried out to […]

Kittens Can’t Stop Cuddling With The Police Officer Who Saved Their Lives

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Two police officers in Texas were finished dealing with a shoplifting call at a local TJ Maxx store when they suddenly got flagged down to help with something else — two tiny kittens stuck under a car in the store’s parking lot. Concerned for the kittens’ safety, the officers quickly went over to the car […]

Kitten Saved from Highway by Officer, Jumped into His Lap and Insisted on Going Home with Him

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A 3-month old kitten who had been saved in the highway with a officer, rapidly snuck her distance to his heart. North Might Police Department Officer Jason Cruz at North Kansas City Police Department in Missouri received a phone call in regards to a kitten stuck along the side of a highway and immediately taken […]