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The Future of a Billion North American Birds Depends on Canada

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A living sea of a billion or more birds swept north through the U.S. to Canada and Alaska this spring. Warblers, vireos, sparrows, shorebirds, ducks, hawks—they have since built nests and are now busily feeding nestlings on their extraordinary breeding grounds: the vast green swath of northern forest known as the Boreal Forest, North America’s […]

Audubon Report Identifies Priority Conservation Areas for Disappearing North American Grassland Birds

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DALLAS — Today, the National Audubon Society published its North American Grasslands & Birds Report, a comprehensive analysis of climate change vulnerabilities and land-use threats facing grassland bird species dependent on the tallgrass, mixed grass, and shortgrass prairies in the United States and Canada as well as the Chihuahuan grasslands in Mexico. Under the current carbon […]