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Family Discovers Their One-eyed Cat Has a Little Admirer Who Visits Him Every Day

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Ace the one-eyed cat loves people, but it wasn’t until his family checked their security cameras, did they know he has a good friend, a little admirer, from the neighborhood. Norma Maikovich Ace and his feline brother, Ramsey, came to their forever home when they were kittens. Norma Maikovich, a former US Army Veterinary Technician, […]

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World’s Cutest Package Thief Is Far Too Adorable To Be Angry About

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As more and more people opt for the convenience of having things delivered to their homes, package theft is sadly on the rise. But the perpetrator behind this particular case of “porch piracy” is much more charming than most. Last week, Lori Metcalf Sanders had a box of homemade snacks dropped off in front of her […]

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