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Shy Cat Really Came Around After Someone Rescued Her and Her Kittens from Shelter

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A very timid pregnant cat was curled up in a corner at the shelter until someone saw her and turned her life around. Mini Cat Town Kitten Rescue A pregnant cat was brought in to a shelter in Central California, needing rescue. She was very shy, sitting in the back of her kennel, trying to […]

Orphaned Kittens Rescued from the Streets, Need a Mom – a Husky Decides to Help

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Three orphaned kittens were brought to the shelter, in need of motherly love. A Husky dog decided to help. Mini Cat Town A litter of motherless kittens were found outside by a Good Samaritan late at night. They were rushed to a 24-hour emergency vet, where they were brought back from the brink, kept warm […]