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Lions At Sad ‘Farm’ Are So Sick They Don’t Even Have Fur

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There are more lions living on “farms” across South Africa than there are living in the wild there — and undercover photos just released show a glimpse of what life can be like for one of the world’s most majestic species. Credit: HSI Reduced to lying on dry, dusty ground, eating scraps of meat, many […]

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The Government Just Decided To Kill Hundreds Of Sea Lion Families

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The U.S. government just did something terrible for ocean lions &mdash it managed to get legal to kill nearly 1,000 of these animals each year, just for attempting to feed themselves and their families. The impetus with this new law is due to wild salmon. Recently, salmon populations around the West Coast from the U.S. […]

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Elephant Saves Buffalo From Lions’ Mouth after Tremendous Fight

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