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Woman Pumping Gas Finds Snake Stuck In The Strangest Place

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Holly Brown Malkames had stopped to get gas at a station in Kansas last week and was finishing up when she suddenly noticed something weird moving across the pump’s screen. At first, she thought it was a strange computer graphic — then, when she realized it actually kind of looked like a snake, she thought […]

JFK Airport Security Finds Strangest Thing In Passenger’s Luggage

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When Francis Gurahoo arrived at New York’s JFK International Airport on a flight from Guyana, the agents at customs immediately noticed that something was off with his carry-on luggage. They pulled him aside so they could examine his belongings more closely, and were shocked and dismayed by what they found inside.  Somehow, Gurahoo had managed […]

Woman Taking Out Trash Sees Box Marked ‘Fragile’ — Then Realizes It’s Moving

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A lady was getting her trash near her home in Bedfordshire, England, on Thursday when she observed a sizable box marked &ldquofragile&rdquo near the dumpster. She visited push this area taken care of &mdash and all of a sudden recognized this area was moving. Concerned, she opened up the box, and located a tied-up plastic […]