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Audubon Backs New Bill to Bolster Small Fish That Struggling Seabirds Need to Survive

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Washington, DC – “Each summer I watch the Atlantic Puffins when they bring fish home to their chicks. When parent puffins can’t find enough herring and other important fish, though, their chicks suffer and sometimes starve, casualties of warming oceans and over fishing. These human imposed threats are decimating forage fish and an entire food […]

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Stray Puppy Completely Melts When She Finally Realizes She’s Safe

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Jillian was taking out the trash late Friday night when she spotted someone hiding in the darkness. Two glowing eyes shone back at her, and she could just make out the outline of a dog crouched in the front yard. She knew that approaching the stray too quickly could scare the timid animal off for […]

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