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Feral Cat Rescued Along With Her Kittens Adopts 3 Others Who Needed a Mom

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A feral cat who was rescued along with her kittens, took in three other babies who were in need of motherly love. Kelsey @kelseymcknight Three weeks ago, Kelsey Mcknight, an animal rescuer based in British Columbia, was working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project for a colony of cats that had found their home at a […]

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Rescuers Help Feral Cat and Come Back to Find Her Kitten at Auto Shop

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A team of rescuers helped a feral cat mom who was found near an auto shop. They came back to find her kitten. Lesley Lee @tnrnow Two weeks ago, an employee from an auto shop in Los Angeles spotted a street cat outside of their shop, but she wasn’t alone. A tiny kitten who shared […]

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Cat Walks Up to Rescuer and Tells Her He’s Done Living on the Streets

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A tabby cat who’d an adequate amount of existence around the roads, walked up to his rescuer for pets along with a chance in a better existence. Helen @willoughbycatstnr Helen Andrews, a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer located in Brooklyn, New You are able to, discovered a brand new face in a tiny feral colony that they […]

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