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Ruthlessly Ambitious Dog Claims College Grad’s Diploma As His Own

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Four years? Who’s got time for that? Certainly not this unapologetically aspirational pup. He’d rather steal than study. Credit: Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Mayaguez Last Friday was graduation day at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Cristina Ruiz was among those receiving a diploma that morning — but little could she have […]

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Seagull Figures Out Perfect Moment To Swoop In For A Sandwich

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It was about to be the perfect photo from Alicia Jessop‘s first trip to Maine — and then it became even more perfect.  Credit: Twitter/@RulingSports Jessop was about to chow down on one of Maine’s iconic lobster rolls. Just before she did, though, she decided to take a photo of the sandwich being held up […]

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