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20 Dog Breeds That Kiss The Most

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Who doesn’t love giant, wet doggy kisses? Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like a smooch from my pooch. These breeds aren’t afraid to show their love for you, in fact, they insist on it! Having one of these breeds means having a your own personal kissing booth in your home. Although let’s be […]

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Dog Stays On Snowy Train Tracks To Care For Injured Friend Until Help Arrives

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Ukraine’s winters are harsh, especially if you’re a lost dog. Worse than being lost, though, is being injured. When two dogs named Lucy and Panda got loose from their home in Uhzgorod, Ukraine, the odds were already stacked against them. Lucy was injured and unable to walk, so she was stuck lying on train tracks […]

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Improve Your Dog’s Health And Get To Know Him Better Than Ever With Animo!

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The fitness tech game is constantly altering the way in which a lot of us exercise, eat, and live. Having the ability to track our activity provides for us an advantage with regards to our health and wellbeing, granting us the opportunity to tackle health goals and take better proper care of ourselves. With this […]

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10 Jobs For Working Breed Dogs Even If You Don’t Live On A Farm

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