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Lions At Sad ‘Farm’ Are So Sick They Don’t Even Have Fur

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There are more lions living on “farms” across South Africa than there are living in the wild there — and undercover photos just released show a glimpse of what life can be like for one of the world’s most majestic species. Credit: HSI Reduced to lying on dry, dusty ground, eating scraps of meat, many […]

Cops Save Tiniest Siblings From Inside Flooded Cave

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They were cold, scared and their mom was nowhere in sight — but at least they had each other. As their den filled with water, the two bear cubs cried out, hoping that someone would come along to help them. Credit: Wild Instincts Animal Hospital After a few minutes, the kindest police officers rushed to […]

Cops Just Saved These Tiniest Siblings From Wildlife Traffickers

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People are now playing mom to two tiny baby animals who were saved from a life of misery at the last possible moment.  Credit: Four Paws Weighing just 2 pounds and at only a couple weeks of age, a pair of Asiatic black bear cubs were just seized from traffickers in Vietnam.  When they emerged […]