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Greening Up The Infrastructure Conversation

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With the backdrop of negotiations between Congress and the White House on rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, Infrastructure Week will take place from May 13-20. The event is sponsored by a mix of business and advocacy groups, labor organizations, and think tanks, but a conservation voice is missing from this coalition. Audubon is taking the opportunity to fill that […]

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New Wave: Audubon Advocates Challenge Congress to Save the Seabirds

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Last month, fresh and seasoned advocates emerged empowered from the recent grassroots fly-in hosted by the National Audubon Society at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in Washington, DC on April 10-12, 2019. The three-day event in the nation’s capital immersed enthusiastic participants from the Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways, including Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, […]

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