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Adorable Dogs Totally Nailed This Nativity Scene Recreation

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Hark! Here are a few good pups eager to brighten your day, just in time for Christmas. Folks at the Springvale Canine Creche, a doggy day care center in England, recently posted this delightfully festive photo featuring a few of their adorable canine clients in a Nativity scene recreation. And as you can see, they pulled it […]

Good Samaritan Saves Goose Overdosing On Drugs In Public Park

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A week ago, while out for any stroll in Carr Park in Huntington Beach, California, a kindhearted passerby spotted something alarming. There, lounging on his back together with his ft pointed upward, would be a Canada goose clearly looking for help. Though the reason for the bird’s distress might not have been apparent initially, soon […]

California Pet Stores Can Only Sell Rescue Dogs And Cats Now

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California is starting off 2012 having a huge advance for creatures. By Jan. 1, the condition&rsquos pet stores are formally banned from selling young puppies, kittens and rabbits sourced from commercial breeders. Rather, shops are only permitted to accommodate save creatures from local shelters. Credit: CAPS The brand new policy takes are designed for puppy […]