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Family Discovers Their One-eyed Cat Has a Little Admirer Who Visits Him Every Day

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Ace the one-eyed cat loves people, but it wasn’t until his family checked their security cameras, did they know he has a good friend, a little admirer, from the neighborhood. Norma Maikovich Ace and his feline brother, Ramsey, came to their forever home when they were kittens. Norma Maikovich, a former US Army Veterinary Technician, […]

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Boy Wrote to Santa About His Lost Cats and Received the Best Gift Ever – He’s Been with Them Since Kittens

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A household continues to be trying to find their beloved cats because the devastating wildfire destroyed their house in Paradise, California. They declined to stop searching. Candice Baker Their boy, Tyson (4 1/2), really missed his best buddies – Optimus (black) and Bumblebee (tabby). Despite the fact that he understood they’d lost his dad’s home, […]

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