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Stray Kitten Wanders Up to Family’s Home – They Find Him Help and a Friend too

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A little stray kitten wandered up to a family’s home, begging for food and cuddles. Itty Bitty Kitty Committee A family from West Virginia was surprised to find a tiny black kitten outside their porch, meowing for attention. The kitty was friendly but hungry and alone. The little stray had no home to go to, […]

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Scrawny Kitten Found on Driveway Is Determined to Grow Despite the Rough Beginning

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No one thought this kitten found on the driveway would survive, but the kitty was determined to prove them wrong. Carmen Weinberg Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, was contacted about a kitten found on the driveway of a mobile home at Long Lake Village Mobile Home Park in West Palm Beach, Florida. A […]

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Man Went for a Work Break and Came Back with a Kitten on His Shoulder

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A man stumbled upon a homeless kitten meowing outside all alone. Little did he know that his life was about to change. Justin LaRose Justin LaRose from Long Beach, California was on a break from work when he heard a kitten’s cries. He followed the sound and spotted a little black kitten scrounging for food […]

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