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Dog Gets Up During The Night To Help Put Crying Toddler Back To Sleep

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Almost 2 years ago, the lives of Sara Lebwohl and her husband Zach changed forever. That was when the first-time parents welcomed into the world their newborn daughter Halle. But as the couple embarked on the journey of parenthood, they soon discovered there was someone eager to help them along the way.  That someone, of […]

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Guy Discovers What His Dog And Girlfriend Are Up To While He’s Away

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Not long ago, Jose Perez had to go away on a business trip, leaving behind his girlfriend and their beloved dog, Nina. The three of them together form a picture-perfect trio. But Perez, while away, happened upon some adorable evidence that his partner and pup weren’t quite wallowing in sadness over him being gone. Credit: Jose […]

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Woman Catches Her Cat Returning Home With Stolen Goods

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About a year ago, something perplexing began happening to Jade Jefferies. She began to receive newspapers to her New Zealand home — newspapers she did not subscribe to. But it gets stranger yet. Credit: Jade Jefferies “They always have teeth marks in them,” Jefferies told The Dodo. Credit: Jade Jefferies Jefferies said these inexplicable deliveries […]

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