Good Samaritan Saves Goose Overdosing On Drugs In Public ParkGood Samaritan Saves Goose Overdosing On Drugs In Public Park

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A week ago, while out for any stroll in Carr Park in Huntington Beach, California, a kindhearted passerby spotted something alarming. There, lounging on his back together with his ft pointed upward, would be a Canada goose clearly looking for help.

Though the reason for the bird’s distress might not have been apparent initially, soon came another alarming find.


Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center

On the floor a little way away, someone had thrown countless prescription pills &mdash drugs suspected to be “heart medications, antidepressants, antianxiety and insomnia meds,” rescuers later wrote.

Believing the goose had eaten a few of the pills, the great Samaritan known as government bodies for help.

And it is a good factor he did.


Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center

Rescuers in the&nbspWetlands & Wildlife Care Center&nbspwere soon in this area to gather the goose, and the other bird exhibiting indications of getting eaten the pills, for treatment.

&ldquoIt&rsquos difficult to say whether or not they might have died without intervention, however that&rsquos likely the situation,&rdquo Lisa Peronne, wildlife manager for that save center, told the OC Register. “Their condition opened up them as much as secondary dangers, for example the inability to escape from predators.&rdquo

Fortunately, both wild birds put together over time.


Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center

After receiving IV fluids to purge their systems from the medications they ingested, both wild birds were around the mend.

Actually, on Wednesday, the goose who’d earlier been found teetering on dying was considered healthy enough to be sold into the wild.

Here’s footage from the moment he and the other goose were let out:

HEALED AND FREE: A goose that overdosed on drugs splattered in Carr Park in Huntington Beach a week ago is fully retrieved. It had been released back to a park today. @FOXLA

&mdash Leah Uko (@LeahUko) December 26, 2018

An analysis continues to be going ahead to determine how those pills ended up in the park, though because of the mindful individual who first observed the goose in distress, a genuine tragedy was prevented.

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