You Helped Save These Dogs After Someone Broke Their LegsYou Helped Save These Dogs After Someone Broke Their Legs

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When you purchase items from the iHeartDogs store, part of the profit is donated to GreaterGood. GreaterGood is an amazing organization that helps dogs in need. Thanks to loyal customers like you, lots of dogs get a second chance at life because of these incredible donations. Lucy and Linus are two of the many dogs that have benefited from the iHeartDogs donations!

Animal Lifeline received a call about two dog siblings that were in an unfortunate situation. Poor Lucy and Linus were only 4 months old at the time. They were left alone with a 10-year-old boy that treated them horribly. He purposely snapped both of their front legs, leaving them in extreme pain. Then, the family surrendered them without giving them the help they needed. Animal Lifeline refused to leave these poor dogs to suffer.

So, the organization sent a transport to pick up Lucy and Linus. They gave them the necessary medical attention they needed and helped them find a loving forever home. It took plenty of patience and love, but now, the siblings are doing better than ever! Others might have given up on these special needs pups, but Animal Lifeline knew they were worth it.

Now, Lucy and Linus have a forever family that gives them the love and support they deserve. They were adopted together, so they will forever be siblings. They even got all dressed up to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in style not long after their adoption! They are having a great time in their new home, and they recently got to go on an exciting vacation with their new mom and dad! 

Animal Lifeline is a non-profit that was initially created in 2006 to provide spay and neuter assistance for dogs in need. In 2017, they expanded in Pittsburg so they could provide transports from high-kill shelters to safe rescues and shelters with plenty of space. At these no-kill shelters and rescues, many dogs get a second chance at life because of the free transports from Animal Lifeline.

Due to the amazing donations provided by GreaterGood, these transports are made possible. The donations helped fund Lucy and Linus’ transport to save them from their unfortunate situation. Donations truly saved their lives!

Thanks to purchases from the iHeartDogs store, many dogs like Lucy and Linus have gotten a second chance at life! iHeartDogs sells a wide selection of products that both you and your dogs can enjoy. Every purchase can save a dog’s life, so thank you to all our kind customers that have helped dogs in need!

Images from Animal Lifeline Pittsburgh

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