Shelter Dog and His Unlikely Best Friend Go Home TogetherShelter Dog and His Unlikely Best Friend Go Home Together

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It had been apparent these two were intended to be, and due to their new family, they&rsquoll never need to be apart!

3-month-old kitten Coco (formerly Muffin) would be a stray struggling with sarcoptic mange. &nbspShe was come to the Royal Palm Beach Animal Control Center, and then saved by Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, who treated her skin ailment and demonstrated her love.

There, she met 6-month-old Shih-Tzu pup Chico (formerly Rustle) who had been removed from an abusive home. The folks taking care of him observed a smell to his face, after a visit to the groomer to get rid of mats from round his mouth and nose, they recognized that his mouth have been shut having a rubberband. His abuser was prosecuted, however the damage was bad enough that Chico needed surgery to get rid of this guitar rock band.

Since the two were similar in dimensions, Barky Pines staff made the decision introducing Chico and Coco &ndash and also the two instantly grew to become best buddies! Based on Cole & Marmalade, Chico&rsquos gentle nature and Coco&rsquos rambunctious attitude balanced their relationship perfectly!

However the day was rapidly approaching the two could be readily available for adoption. Barky Pines staff didn&rsquot have high hopes they would see one another again after they found new homes. However when Francisco and Margaret Freitas walked in to the shelter to locate a dog, these were prepared to most probably minded. Once they contacted Chico, Coco jumped into action as his self-hired bodyguard!

The pair was impressed the kitten am protective of her friend, and didn’t wish to separate Chico from his bestie. Chico and Coco were adopted together, and will also be spending the holiday season &ndash and everyday &ndash with one another!

It&#8217s correct that there&#8217s a house available for each pet. The right home of these two was one where these were both welcome &#8211 plus they thought it was!

H/T: Cole & Marmalade

Featured Photo: Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary/Facebook

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