Could Your Dog Be The Next TV Superstar? Netflix Opens Submissions for “Dogs” Season 2

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Service Dog Project Submission

Did you watch Netflix’s “Dogs” series? If you love pups, this is a must watch. The first season had six episodes. It told stories of, as Netflix says, unconditional love between humans and their best friend. What could be better? A second season! And now Netflix wants viewers like you to tell them about your dogs. It’s time to bring the stories of more canines to television screens across the globe.


Guess what?! Dogs is coming back for another season! Tell us your dog story for a chance to potentially be featured in Dogs Season 2! Share your story on Instagram or Twitter with #netflixdogstory and tag @NetflixDogs

— NetflixDogs (@NetflixDogs) June 12, 2019


How to Submit Your Pup

Sending in a submission is simple. You’ll need a Twitter account and a little clever writing to appeal to the producers. Tweet your story idea to @Netflixdogs and make sure to add the tag #netflixdogstory. We love scrolling through the tweets. These are the ones that made us smile, and we’d love to see these stories on our TVs. And maybe yours!

This story from Service Dog Project reminds us of a story we shared about one dog’s ‘Best Day Ever‘.

Hi @Zipper @NetflixDogs!

10-yr-old Eve & Great Dane Service Dog Finn are also perfect for Dogs season 2! Love at first sight & joy together every day. Eve has Osteogenesis Imperfecta: 75+ broken bones & 15+ surgeries
Film puppy training & more SD teams. Call us!#netflixdogstory

— Service Dog Project (@ServiceDogPr) June 15, 2019


This story makes us happy and chuckle!

Hey @NetflixDogs! I adopted Bone 6 months ago because his last family thought he was too big at 80 lbs… now he’s 150 lbs 😂 he’s my best friend and we’re traveling across the country visiting dog shelters to bring awareness to them! #netflixdogstory

— John & Bone 🐶 (@JohnRush32) June 14, 2019


More of Our Favorites
And, another inspiring story from Service Pet Dog tugs at our heartstrings.

Hey @Zipper @NetflixDogs!

Erica & Great Dane Service Dog Asher are 3rd-year law students who are interning in NYC this summer–overcoming barriers every day. They’re perfect for Dogs season 2!

Film us training puppies & more SD teams. Call us!#netflixdogstory

— Service Dog Project (@ServiceDogPr) June 14, 2019


We want to go on this walk!

@NetflixDogs #netflixdogstory I run a group on fb with over 1,100 members called Gloucestershire Labrador Owners. We have large monthly group walks, the dogs and owners absolutely love it. Our mass walk attracted over 200 labradors. Would be amazing if you do a feature on us 😍

— Jess (@JessJess_33) June 14, 2019


And, we are all in on any PitBull story.

I’m nominating @MacThePitbull for #netflixdogstory. @netflixdogs, take one look at their Facebook page and you’ll see an incredible dog, an incredible rescue organization and some incredible humans doing everything possible to save animals that don’t stand a chance without them

— Meg (@JustPlainMeg) June 13, 2019

H/T The Dog People
Featured image c/o Service Dog Project Twitter

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