Baristas Shower Customer With Heartfelt Letters & Gifts After Dog’s DeathBaristas Shower Customer With Heartfelt Letters & Gifts After Dog’s Death

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On December 11, Margo Waldrop opened up to her local Starbucks drive through window just like she’s every single day because the store opened up. Of course, the baristas welcomed Waldrop and her dogs enthusiastically.

However this day was not the same as the remainder. Sadly, it had been dog, Lily&#8217s last day on the planet. She’d cancer, and it was scheduled to become euthanized later on that day.

When Waldrop broke this news towards the cafe employees, they treated the pooch to some Puppuccino and comforted the grieving dog mother.

Upon pulling to the window the very next day, Waldrop was surprised and overwhelmed to locate that her buddies at Starbucks had much more love and support to provide.

They presented her having a vase of flowers, a homemade loaf of pumpkin bread &#8211 Waldrop&#8217s favorite &#8211 and many personal sympathy letters. Additionally they compensated on her daily coffee.

Later that morning, Waldrop published photos from the flowers, letters and bread on Facebook. &#8220I want to help remind all of you the number of wonderful individuals are on the planet, something I had been advised of the morning,&#8221 the publish started.

Waldrop continued to talk about her experience and express her gratitude towards the folks accountable for shedding some light on the very dark day.

&#8220I can&#8217t even begin to let you know just how that helped me feel. This group of baristas, as well as their manager Lars make me feel so welcome given that they opened up the shop several months ago. Such good people to understand that certainly one of their regulars was dealing with trouble. Thanks Starbucks!&#8221



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