Cat Who Was Rejected for Being a Lap Cat, Finds Family that Loves Him and Can’t Stop CuddlingCat Who Was Rejected for Being a Lap Cat, Finds Family that Loves Him and Can’t Stop Cuddling

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All Jacque wanted would be a warm lap to sit down on, but he was switched away and rejected for truly being a lap cat.

Michigan Cat Save

Jacque was 3 years old as he was delivered at Michigan Cat Rescue. His previous owner no more wanted the ginger root cat while he constantly searched for attention from her.

“All he wanted would be a lap to sit down on. She did not want him to cuddle together with her and she or he did not want him anymore,” Michigan Cat Save distributed to Love Meow.

Following a year, he was switched away and quit. The ginger root boy was confused through the sudden alternation in surroundings, but when she got to twist in a hot lap, he began purring again.

Everybody in the save was resolute to obtain the sweet cat a house that will provide him unconditional love.

Michigan Cat Save

“He’s a great cat who needed the best home an additional chance,” Nancy of Michigan Cat Save told Love Meow.

They shared his story on their own Facebook page, with the hope to find him an ideal home. Soon, countless adoption applications came flowing in. Everyone was stunned because when a sweet cat like Jacque grew to become “undesirable.”

Michigan Cat Save

“Sad he lost his home, but glad includes a chance in a home which will forever love him… having a lap to snuggle on,” Siobhan commented around the page.

“If he’s a lapcat that is what I am searching for. I’ll make an application for him,” Abby added a remark.

“Who within the heck does not desire a lap cat? He’s so handsome,” Brandy authored around the page.

“A huge cat that’s orange and demands to sit down on laps? Sounds wonderful become a reality,” Cathy added a remark.

Michigan Cat Save

The publish received greater than 1,200 comments and a pair of,600 likes. Everybody was rooting for Jacque and wishing he would look for a family that will love him, spoil him and indulge him with the cuddles he’d ever want.

Liz discovered Jacque’s story and understood immediately he will make an excellent accessory for her family. A few days after she posted a credit card applicatoin, she received probably the most wondrous news.

Michigan Cat Save

She and her family visited the save to satisfy their sweet ginger root boy the very first time, plus they were absolutely smitten with him.

Jacque crawled directly into his human dad’s lap, hidden his face in the arms and held his hands while purring up bad weather. It had been as though he understood that they are there to consider him home.

Michigan Cat Save

“Jacque is loved, spoiled and lastly in the forever home with Liz and her family,” Michigan Cat Save stated.

“We’re so happy for him.”

Michigan Cat Save

Jacque rapidly moved in to his new abode, made his way onto a hot lap and did what he loves most – plenty of cuddling.

Following a lengthy time waiting, the sweet cat finds a loving home he always wanted.

Michigan Cat Save

“He’s thriving so we really adore him a lot. He’s a fur brother who is a touch older he is becoming quite near to,” Liz stated.

“The grand kids have met him and my soon-to-be 3-year-old grand son just sits and pets him and hugs him. He calls him Joe.”


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