Top Audubon Wins for Birds in 2019: PartnershipsTop Audubon Wins for Birds in 2019: Partnerships

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This year we worked with multiple brands to promote bird conservation to entirely new audiences. 

The theme for Earth Day 2019 was “Protect Our Species.” To that end, we partnered with Allbirds, a sustainable shoe brand, to create a limited-edition collection of sneakers inspired by five climate affected birds: Painted Redstart, Pygmy Nuthatch, Scarlet Tanager, Mountain Bluebird, and Allen’s Hummingbird. These species were featured in Audubon’s 2014 Birds and Climate Report. Each shoe design sold out quickly, indicating that there’s appetite for bird-related eco-conscious fashion among people who may never consider themselves birders.

Audubon has also teamed up with Canon U.S.A. to co-host “Birds in Focus” events. Across the country, from events like the Hummingbird Migration and Nature Celebration in Mississippi to the Fall Festival and Hawk Watch in Connecticut, thousands of bird enthusiasts, photographers, and community members flocked to “Birds in Focus” to see examples from the Audubon Photography Awards, test industry-leading photographic equipment, and see birdlife at its most elegant. Our partnerships with Canon U.S.A. and Allbirds represent our efforts to align with like-minded partners as a way to engage new audiences and get more people invested in protecting birds.

Finally, we partnered with augmented-reality innovators Krikey to launch the Wingspan app game.

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