Month: April 2019

Rude: Kingfishers, Grebes, and Gulls Are Among the Internet’s Least Popular Birds

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The past year abounded with viral internet birds: Mama Merganser adopted around 76 fluffy ducklings; Hot Duck turned New York into the city that always birds; and some polyamorous eagles have us rooting for an unconventional love story, to name a few. From hit stories to hilarious memes, there's no question birds are all the rage on the internet these […]


Lucky Pup Survives Getting Carried Away By A Flying Predator

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We all can relate. It’s time for your pup to go to the bathroom, so you let her out. A few minutes go by, so you call out for her. But imagine the horror if your loving little one didn’t return. For one dog lover, this scary tale became a reality. In Arizona, a resilient […]

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Rescued Cat Gives Orphaned Puppy a Family and Raises Him Along with Her Kittens

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A rescued cat mother met a tiny orphaned puppy. She immediately took to him as her own. Jenifer @mizz_rescue Charlie the pup was brought to a shelter in California City, needing rescue. Wrenn Rescues quickly responded and arranged transport to get the baby pup to Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills so he could […]

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Dogs Rescued From Crowded Home Can’t Stop Smiling At Rescuers

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After some neighbors expressed concerns, local police asked the RSPCA to check out a home in Hull, England, where it was suspected that many dogs were living in unsuitable conditions. Jilly Dickinson, an inspector with the RSPCA, went out to the home — and was absolutely shocked by what she found.  “The environment was not […]

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Orphaned Kitten Adopts Another Rescued Kitty Who Needed a Friend

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Two rescued kittens from different beginnings found each other at their foster home. They became inseparable friends. Ellen Carozza LVT Nova Cat Clinic received a tiny neonatal kitten who was in need of critical care. She was the only one that made it in her litter. Animal Welfare League of Arlington transferred her to the […]

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Why the Border Wall Is a Problem For Birds, Despite Their Wings

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The Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl is a fierce, fluffy handful of a bird. Plump and voracious, it brings death from above to lizards and mice. But to hawks and larger owls, the tiny raptor is a tempting snack itself. As a result, the owls stay close to the ground, which in turn subjects them to an unusual threat: barriers along […]

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Candles & Air Fresheners: The Smell of Danger for Your Dog

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What’s that smell?  If you’ve got a candle or incense burning or a plug-in permeating the air, you’re not alone. It’s estimated 75% of U.S. households use a product to scent their homes. A waft of lavender can be soothing, but candles and dogs are not a great combination. In fact, scented household items are potentially detrimental […]

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Guys Find A Little Wallaby Stranded Out At Sea

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Last Friday, Daniel Suttie and a few of his buddies were returning from a fishing expedition off the coast of Queensland, Australia, when they spotted something unexpected. There, stranded far from shore, was a little wallaby struggling to stay afloat. Credit: ViralHog/Daniel Suttie Rather than leave the exhausted animal to fend for himself in the predator-filled […]

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Stray Cat Gets Help from Woman She Befriended So Her Kittens Born Special Can Thrive

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A stray cat showed up in a neighborhood in Lakewood, California and befriended someone who was kind to her. Friends for Life Rescue Network Noemi Camacho came across a little stray from around her house. She offered some food and water, and the feline friend returned for more. Their bond began to grow, and then […]

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Nice Guy Stops When He Realizes Pigeon Is Trying To Tell Him Something

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Sometimes it only takes a few seconds to help a fellow creature — and thankfully a nice guy walking along a boardwalk recently was attentive enough to notice the opportunity.  Arizona resident Jack Neal was exploring Santa Barbara, California, soaking in the scenic coastline with his mom, when a wild pigeon decided to join them.  Credit: […]

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